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For Immediate Release
9 a.m. MST
Nov 17, 2003

Fabfile Online forms Exclusive Sales Alliance and offers New Price Structure

The Industry's most comprehensive database of PCB Fabricators joins forces with BoardBuyers/PCBRC to drive marketing and sales in the PCB industry.

"We are very excited to be part of the Fabfile Online team," said Ray Rasmussen, former publisher of CircuiTree Magazine and co-founder of BoardBuyers/PCBRC. "We believe there is a lot of confusion in the North American Market right now, as the status of hundreds of facilities has changed over the last few years. Fabfile Online has the most complete, up-to-date database of fabricators in the industry. Suppliers using FabFile Online can quickly and easily get up-to-speed with all the unprecedented changes in this market. It's a great value and we're pleased to be part of this offering to the industry."

New Product, New Price

"We've spent the last year reinventing our database to reflect the new realities in the North American market." said Harvey Miller, President of Fabfile Online. "We've designed a new, web-enabled, online interface, that is much more useful and user-friendly. An online database application offers real-time access to the latest data updates whenever our customers want it. Customers can search the database and download search results in standard formats such as Excel and MS Access. As a result of this new format, we've been able to price Fabfile Online, to extend its reach to more companies selling into the North American PCB Market. We are very proud of our new product."

Fabfile Online, now available in a web-based interface, is designed to bring new efficiencies to the product. As a result, Fabfile Online's database of North American fabricators is now available for $999 for a one-year subscription.

For more information, visit Fabfile Online at: or drop us an email at: , or call Harvey Miller at (650) 328-4550.

About the Companies

Fabfile Online covers North America with the industry's most comprehensive profile information on 569 North American PCB facilities and companies producing approximately $4.8 Billion (forecasted) worth of printed circuit boards in 2003. Fabfile Online traces its origins to 1983 when its first database was created by industry legend, Harvey Miller.

BoardBuyers/PCBRC has developed a suite of products designed to reduce waste in the sales process. The Printed Circuit Buyer's Resource Center (PCBRC),, a directory of Buyers of PCBs, along with EMSBuyer, a directory of Buyers of EM/CM services, all work together to bring much needed efficiencies into the Sales and Marketing process.

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